YouTube is working on a technology for editing videos without using green screen background. The mobile real-time video segmentation technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that a uses to replace the background of the running video. This tool can be used in applying filters to an image.

The tech giant has given details on their blog, they said that the technology allows to change background of video and images. They have mentioned that the feature will be released in the beta version of YouTube, for some limited content creators. This background replacement is employed with new stories format, which is quite similar to the Instagram and Snapchat stories. There is a lot more to improve, nevertheless, it is quite impressive for now. Currently, it is available with the AR photo tools that allow the user to create effects on image and videos.

The company said that they are going to improve this AI, and will employ this in Google’s broader Augmented Reality services. Changing background is older technology, but it is time-consuming and complicated. The current technology requires a green screen to change background afterward. Employing these features along with 3D scenes on mobile screens will make it easier.

The technology distinguished on basis of facial features such as hair, glasses, mouth and facial structures. The results are so real time that the technology is able to keep up with video. The older technology works with 30 frames per second while the recent technology works on 40 frames per second on Google phone devices. Apple’s iPhone 7 devices are capable to work on more than 100 frames.

The technology shows the versatility of AI technology and machine-learning technology. It must be trained on the position and face structure. It is a useful technology for everything for the smooth functioning of the device.

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