Security is one of the primary concern to the users nowadays. The popularity of security cameras is growing rapidly. The applications of security cameras vary greatly as it is used in household, commercial and industrial applications. Wyze Labs have come with a new security solution called WyzeCam which can perform a variety of tasks. This camera has many exciting features like it can record 1080p videos, has night vision mode, cloud storage system and good audio sensing feature.

WyzeCam is one of the best and pocket-friendly security solution to the users which comes with a price tag of $20. There are many popular security camera providers in the market like Samsung, Logitech, Netgear, and others. Each of these providers is striving hard to provide the best security solutions at the cheapest cost.

Wyze is trying to attract customers with its cost-efficient and best-featured security camera called WyzeCam. The security camera market has gained huge popularity since Nest has launched its first camera called Nest Cam. Capturing 1080p is the best feature which is provided by the company at just $20.

WyzeCam can also rotate in different directions which is its mobility feature. This camera can be placed on a desk, on a wall or on the ceiling since it has a sticky metal plate. WyzeCam also has alert video option with the help of which this camera can capture a short 15-second video when something is moving. This short video can also be shared with other users as the data is also stored on a cloud.

The company also provides a Wyze Cam app in which these short videos are stored. The videos which are stored on the cloud are end-to-end encrypted. This camera also supports 2-way audio sensing ability as it comes with built-in microphone and speaker. Thus providing all these features at cheap cost will attract a large number of users.
Also, the company plans to provide more affordable security solutions in near future at a cheap cost to increase the sales revenue.

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