The recently launched OnePlus 5 have amazed users with the excellent features which were offered at best price. The Chinese phone manufacturer is now in the process of launching an upgraded version of OnePlus 5 which is OnePlus 5T. Many leaks and rumors related to the upcoming smartphone device is making rounds in the smartphone market.

Since last few weeks, it seems that OnePlus is gearing up its efforts to launch OnePlus 5T which is expected to come up with excellent features. One of the teaser image of this smartphone device reveals that the upcoming flagship phone will be equipped with edge-to-edge display feature.

OnePlus 5T will have the amazing look along with best innovative smartphone features. As of now, not much details and images are released. The leaked images also reveal that the smartphone will flaunt bezel-less display, edge-to-edge display and 18:9 aspect ratio.

Also, the leaked rumors suggest that OnePlus 5T will have the larger display bigger than 5.5-inch which is seen in present smartphone devices. Thus OnePlus 5T will be the biggest smartphone device and is expected to have 6-inch display size. Also, this smartphone will flaunt 2.5D Gorilla Glass which has high durability.

The location of the fingerprint sensor will be changed. At present, the fingerprint sensor present in OnePlus 5 is present at the front. Now the company is planning to shift this at the back of the device. The upcoming flagship device will have an aluminum body and higher battery capacity.

Also, OnePlus 5T will come with enhanced selfie camera which can click best photographs. Some new features like portrait mode are expected to be seen in the upcoming smartphone device. The camera configuration will remain same as that of OnePlus five which has 2 dual cameras 16-megapixel each.

However, nothing is confirmed by the company yet and we have to wait till the concrete details are revealed by the company.

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