The legal battle between Google’s Waymo and ride-hailing company Uber aroused when Waymo put allegations of stealing their self-driving technology secrets by Uber in order to first introduce the self-driving technology developed cars in the market to the masses. It’s been two days for the courtroom war and allegations fight happening between Waymo and Uber and the portrayal of the ride-hailing company is more or less of a greedy and aggressive company who would do anything to win the race including unethical practices like stealing the trade secrets from their competitors. This attitude is clearly visible in the previous business practices and approaches adopted by the ride-hailing company since its introduction in the US and other potential markets. This ride-hailing company Uber has suffered allegations and fines from different regulatory authorities for misleading them and hiding information which was supposed to be disclosed voluntarily by the organization. During the past one year, there were lots of controversies associated with this ride-hailing company creating a negative impression and rising difficulty for them.

Everything being said, but the courtroom has not yet been able to get the answer for the basic question associated with the tactics utilized by the organization extends to stealing the crucial information relating to the development of the self-driving car technology. Anthony Levandowski and Travis Kalanick are suspected to be involved in this act of stealing the information from Waymo. Anthony Levandowski is the former car engineer associated with Waymo who later joined Uber and Travis Kalanick is the former chairman of Uber who was forced to resign from the position after the series of controversies hit the organization. The previous controversies involved allegations of discrimination, racism, and many top management employees leaving the organization due to inappropriate work culture. The current situation clearly indicates that the two tech giant companies have a lot of things at stake in this courtroom war and it could damage drastically to either one of them at the end. In case, Waymo is able to justify their allegations and prove that Uber is involved in unethical practices of stealing their trade secrets and initiated the development of the self-driving technology program, then there are high chances that they would stop the development process and demand for the damages caused by the stealing activity up to $1.86 billion.

On the contrary, if Uber is able to convince that the allegations imposed by Waymo are false and they are clean, then this would not only hit Waymo but also its parent companies like Alphabet and Google Inc to a great extent. This would provide the necessary approval and permission to Uber for executing their self-driving technology development program.

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