At the Big Bang, the matter available in-universe was converted the hot and dense spot of the matter.
Stefan Hawking is an English cosmologist, author, theoretical physicist, and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge explained what happened before the Big Bang. He was speaking on the occasion of the TV show, “StarTalk”, that will be aired this Sunday on the National Geographic Channel.

He gracefully answered the question about the history of the universe. He replied that he totally believes the no-boundary proposal theory. It was quite easy to observe few scientific theories that rely on to decide the origin of the universe.

The Big Bang is the moment when something tiny started to grow over the next unlimited years and then it became what we know now as the universe. He added that nothing was present before the Big Bang.

Hawking explained the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that says space and time form a continuum curved by the matter and energy in it.

Euclidean approach has described the origin of the universe said, Hawking. Where the imaginary time replaces the ordinary real time. It happened all the time, by at the certain pace to discover the things that he only imagined.

Hawking and Euclid said that imaginary time behaves like the fourth directional axis of space, where four-dimensional curved surfaces such as the surface of the Earth, add up extra two dimensions and make the six-dimensions.

He added that universe has no boundaries. The space-time can be compared with the little planet. There is a lot is present in a universe that is still to know.

Possibly, aliens will inform us that the ideas on the earth are not true, until that day we won’t understand the existence of another thousand dimensions that are present in-universe.

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