Misfit the popular consumer electronics form is all set to launch a new Misfit Vapor which is based on Android 2.0 wear. This smartwatch is scheduled to be launched on October 31. This smartwatch was initially revealed in the month of March and since then many innovations have taken place.

Misfit Vapor smartwatch was revealed during the CES2017 event which is a proprietary OS. After a lot of revisions, the company has finally launched Misfit Vapor smartwatch. During CES event it was known that this smartwatch is the best option which comes with a price tag of $199. This smartwatch has a 1.39-inch display and is waterproof. This smartwatch can resist water up to 50 meters.

Misfit Vapor smartwatch has many exciting features like GPS ability and essential fitness tracking feature. Thus this smartwatch and provide health-related options as well as other necessary features. This smartwatch runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Also, there is no need to carry your smartphone with you as this device has its own OS and can function independently.

Using this Misfit Vapor smartwatch, the user can download an app from the Play Store. This smartwatch is powered by Google Assistant which will assist the user in performing certain tasks. This smartwatch has 4GB RAM, Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-Fi feature. This device has a price tag of $199.99.

Misfit Vapor also provide different color options to the users like gold, silver, jet black and rose gold. These color options will definitely amaze the users and help them in making the purchase decision. Users also have an option to purchase this device from the local store or online store. All the interested users can directly purchase this smart watch from Amazon. The pre-orders for this smartphone have already started.

It is not yet clear how Misfit Vapor will manage to sell its smartwatch. As the market for a smartwatch is not so good, all the major players like Google, Apple are struggling to provide best features which will influence the users buying decision.

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