Mercedes has been working for a long, to come up with smarter headlights for its Maybach S-Class vehicles. This concept is not so far now, as announced by Daimler, this futuristic headlamp will now be available on the top of the line Maybach S-Class vehicles.

Obviously, it’s annoying while you are walking or driving at night, and you find it difficult to focus due to the brightness of other cars headlights. Well, Mercedes have planned out a solution to resolve this issue.

In 2015, Mercedes had launched LED grille back in F 015 research car, considering the above drawbacks they have come up with a new headlamp in its Maybach S-Class Vehicle that is somewhat similar to the multi-beam headlamps.

Let’s take a look at the features of these smarter headlights, they have added the digital projector that can control the brightness as and when required. To be more specific, the car sensor controls the brightness of the headlamps, thereby helping out the drivers from blinding pedestrians as well people from opposite vehicle., wished these feature could be available in all the cars of all brands.

Moving ahead, some additional features related to these headlamps are, they can project information on to the road. Meaning in case you’re driving beside construction site, you never know the distance of the car in such situation, the two lights are projected to guide you keep distance of the car to maintain safety from that particular site. Another good example to explain is, in case you are driving faster say if it’s more than 18.6miles per hour and you’re getting closer to the car in front of you, instantly a rear-end collision warning symbol will be projected to alert you from any disaster.

Coming back to the main point, customers who are planning out to buy this car will expect the delivery in between the first half of this year, due to limitation of cars with these headlights, hopefully, this technology moves on to other models and brands as well. Right now, Volkswagen has committed to insert a matrix of LED lights for its futuristic car Vizzion the upcoming car, that will allow you to project messages and images.

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