Xbox’s One backward compatibility extended the way path and everyone just kept wondering where exactly the company went wrong. It’s ‘always on’ connection and limitations on several games has spoiled the prestigious position of the company.

Apart from these two issues, Xbox also delayed undulating its 360 backward compatibility mode. Recent rumors came up with the actual reason behind these flaws and the delayed response of the company.

The project was not even considered before the arrival of its president, Don Mattrick and later got delayed due to the lengthier installation of Phil Spencer, Xbox’s current head. The project was in need of improved technical effort and how always-on connectivity issue would be solved along with user’s compatibility with the games.

Xbox compatibility was the main reason behind this major change, says IGN, an American video game company. Microsoft’s journey from designing to execute it was quite challenging. IGN gave a brief idea about how Microsoft made an organizational plan to get away from this problem.

They designed a GPU emulator that worked as a system-on-a-chip that would let Xbox 360 and PS2 games to be played on PS3 systems. Initially, the idea of 360 processor design was not affordable and just offered the equality which was not just enough.

Later, Xbox had only a few sets of backward compatibility games to be played. Others needed an additional hardware support. Here the need to 360 backward compatibilities raised. Microsoft will soon be launching its Xbox games on a single piece of Xbox hardware. Users will still need some time to adjust with the Xbox 360 games after this major transformation is done by the company.

Just keep on imagining how different Xbox’s 360 games would work and will be compatible with just a single hardware emerged from the same company.

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