In the era of the 20th century, self-driving automotive cars are taking over the business of humanly oriented vehicles. General Motor’s Former Vice Chairman says, “This is what certainly going to happen. Human-driven cars will soon get exhausted from the streets in upcoming years.”

Leading competitors of the autonomous cars including Google, Tesla, General Motors, Ford, and Lyft are the ones who have invested whole and soul of their revenue to be on the top position in the world. Moreover, they are also working on the quality of service they provide to their customers.

The human-directed car companies will be affected and the chances of their shutdown are more in recent few decades. This will be the end of an automotive era, says Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors.

We will be looking forward to the scenario where none of us will be necessitated to purchase the car. This could happen eventually only if all the autonomous car companies take an initiative to give their best service and make customers attract towards self-driving cars.

General Motors will still make a hard progress towards upbringing their cars on the streets and provide something unusual than others. Next 15 to 20 years of time will be enough to make a transition from a human-driven to autonomous cars, adds Lutz.

Lutz somewhere thinks human involvements is not much required to make this transition. If you offer a better option to them that can be beneficial, consumers are automatically attracted towards the changes made.

“Companies heading towards autonomous cars are the ones who are going to make the progress”, he concludes. Sale of autonomous cars will not depend on the brand but the service they would provide. Lutz will no longer be in the picture of autonomous car era but he says this is what he was waiting for a long period of time.

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