Global Silicon Tetrachloride Market: Silicon tetrachloride is colorless inorganic compound with formula SiCl4 and is a volatile liquid that fumes in air. Silicon tetrachloride is used to produce silica and high purity silicon for commercial applications and as an intermediate in production of polysilicon, which is a hyper pure form of silicon.

Major factors driving growth of the global silicon tetrachloride market are increasing demand for smartphones, tablets, high-tech communication devices, and other consumer electronics. In addition, government initiatives towards promotion of clean and renewable energy is further driving growth of the global silicon tetrachloride market. Increasing applications of high purity silicon, which is manufactured using silicon tetrachloride, in photo voltaic cells and semiconductors is further propelling growth of the global market. Increasing demand for optical fibers coupled with growth of consumer electronics and data processing markets are factors further boosting demand for silicon tetrachloride and is expected to drive growth of the global market to a significant extent during the forecast period.

High manufacturing and installation cost associated especially with fiber optics and solar industry are factors hampering growth of the global silicon tetrachloride market. However, growth of solar PV cells will fuel growth of the global silicon tetrachloride market in coming years. Currently silicon tetrachloride finds its application in consumer electronics, semiconductors, fiber optics, and solar PV cells. In addition, product innovation and growing R&D is expected to create opportunities for major players during the forecast period.

The global silicon tetrachloride market is segmented On the basis of application and region.

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North America dominated the global silicon tetrachloride market in terms of revenue and is expected to register a CAGR of X.X% during the forecast period. The market in Asia Pacific is expected to witness considerable growth during the forecast period. China accounts for XX.X% share in Asia Pacific, which is the largest market owing to a large number of consumers base. The market in Europe is expected to witness moderate growth, whereas Latin America and Middle East & Africa is expected to witness decent growth in next 10 years.

Key players in the global silicon tetrachloride market are Dow Corning, Evonik, Momentive, Inner Mongolia Dakang, Alfa Aesar, China Silicon Corporation, Air Products, Sigma-Aldrich, Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, and Shanghai Xiangjun among other.

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