Google Pixel 2 has left all others behind. It’s astounding camera, long-lasting battery life and flawless performance have raised its demand in the market. Still, there’s something that uncovers the negative side of the smartphone. Following are some of its features that may hold back user’s decision to go with the one.

Observing different angles:

Users have spotted unusual viewing angles of Google Pixel 2. You can notice this fault by opening any of the application having a white background and leaning and the holding it at a distance from you. pOLED panels have immensely affected phone’s viewing angles.

Whining and Clicking:

Along with Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2 users are facing the similar issues of moaning and clicking sound from both the speakers. Users are still wondering what can be done regarding this. Some users got notified to depart their devices back to the company while other were said that this problem will be a software by a software update.

Very gloomy and imprecise colors:

Google first said the smartphone will entail sRGB color spectrum but colors look very dull and imprecise it seems. Users say like Galaxy Note 8; Pixel 2 also needs to have the sRGB color spectrum.

Burn in impairment feature of Pixel 2:

Most of the reviews read for Pixel 2 says the display heads burn in impairment feature of the smartphone. All that is needed to sort out this issue is a recall of the pretentious devices. Users need to understand that this fault does not have to do anything with the camera clarity of the phone.


Quality of hardware and software used in the smartphone is excellent but user’s questions about its durability. Its waterproof feature stands out of the crowd but its antenna band location has pulled the smartphone down. Phone’s aluminum coating might be at risk if its covering, plastic coating fades away.

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