AutoNation, one of the largest vendor of automotive cars in the United States have decided to provision Waymo, owned by Google. The company has already signed the multi-year dealership with Waymo in order to make its self-driving cars move on the streets of the country.

Mike Jackson, President, CEO, and Chairman of AutoNation says, “We are very pleased to sign a partnership deal with Waymo. The journey would be pretty excited. We both have a common motivation to make our customers feel at ease whenever they are anywhere on the streets.”

AutoNation has a booming market in Florida. It has around 360 dealerships all over the state. It made a statement declaring, “We are going to provide services with tactical competences so as to extend the life of self-driving cars all over the country.”

Alongside, Waymo has also made a partnership deal with Avis Budget Group, the parent company of Avis Car Rental incorporated in the United States. Avis will be serving Waymo’s 600 autonomous cars. Alphabet, Google’s parent company invested $1 billion for its project with Lyft thus maintaining a good quality of their business relationships.

Fiat-Chrysler one of the company with whom AutoNation currently deals with. Waymo along with FCA USA has already modified many of Chrysler self-driving cars integrating cameras, lidar-radar, and sensors in them. Both of them are further working on 500 more autonomous MUV cars.

Waymo is planting its autonomous cars in more than one states of the US including Arizona, Nevada, California, Michigan, and Washington. It will be soon expanding its business in rest of the states of the country.

To hit off its rival company Waymo; General Motors would get a helping hand from Cruise automation. But, since Google is at the topmost position in the race of self-driving cars, it’s difficult in for others to beat the tech giant.

John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo concludes saying, “AutoNation will surely bring our vehicles to the topmost position in the market and make users comfortable whenever they are with Waymo’s autonomous cars on the streets.”

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