OLED is the most promising display and lighting technologies that has the capability of offering power efficiency lighting and is superior compared to the fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs. OLED technology is garnering more acceptance among end users since they are thinner, brighter, lighter in weight, more power efficient and offer higher contrast as compared to LCDs. Moreover, OLED display units consist of multiple layers of organic films and produce bright display lights that eliminate the need for backlights and filters. Furthermore, OLEDs offers wide viewing angles, faster response time, higher contrast ratios and more saturated colours to enhance viewing experience of end users.

The rising use of OLED displays in televisions, and smartphones is a key factor driving growth of the global OLED display market. In addition, increased demand for energy efficient, and eco-friendly lightning products coupled with increasing demand for long lasting displays are major factors driving growth of the global OLED displays market.

However, high cost of OLED displays is a major factor restraining growth of the global OLED displays market. Moreover, decrease in the cost of alternative technologies is also expected to hamper growth of the global OLED displays market.

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the global OLED display market in terms of revenue in the forecast period. Dominance of the Asia Pacific market is mainly due to strong presence of major manufacturers, low-cost of labour and easy availability of raw materials in countries like China and South Korea. This resulted in the increase in a number of manufacturing plants of both the end-users and vendors of OLED displays. Another factor for the growth of the OLED market in Asia Pacific is the presence of Samsung Display in South Korea, which has the leading market position for smartphone OLED displays.

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The global OLED display market report has been segmented on the basis of technology, type, end users, and region. On the basis of technology, the global OLED display market is segmented into passive matrix OLED’s (PMOLED), active matrix OLED’s(AMOLED), and hybrid OLED’s(HOLED). On the basis of type into, Phosphorescent OLEDs, Transparent OLEDs, Flexible OLED’s, and Rigid OLED’s. On the basis of end users into, Mobile phones, TV displays, Netbook/desktop, Digital cameras, Automotive, and Others. On the basis of region into, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America.

Key players in the global market include, Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Changhong, WiseChip, Visionox, and Pioneer.

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