Google Assistant the smart digital assistant is getting smarter by harnessing the power of AI. In the digital world, we have virtual voice-based assistants to perform different tasks. These digital assistants can perform a wide range of tasks right from reading our newspaper to playing music and so on. In this smart world, there are many digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby and Google Assistant.

Google is making constant efforts to enhance the functionality of its smart digital assistant named Google Assistant. With the help of AI, this assistant is equipped with new features which will ease the user’s efforts. Recently with the help of AI, the company have brought new features which can support 50 games, stories, and different activities.

With the help of AI, the smart Google Assistant can now be a fun and entertainment source for your friends and family. Google Assistant powers many smart devices like Google Home, Google smartphone. Thus the launch of the new feature will be a fun. Once you fire a wake command to this digital assistant different fun activities like playing games, music, stories can be supported.

In order to stand at the forefront, Google has made utmost efforts to bring new features to its digital assistant. This will also help the company to compete with Amazon Alexa in the race which is one of the popular digital assistants. Google Assistant can now keep everyone entertained including kids, youngsters, adults and other family members.

Google Assistant now support different activities which can help kids in doing their homework, playing games like space trivia, Play Mickey Mouse Adventure and others. As of now this features are only available to the users of United States and is expected to roll out to other users soon. These new features are available on all the compatible devices including Google Home, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. The voice recognizing the ability of this smart assistant is also enhanced.

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